We Have a Test Signal Working!

Check out channel 29.1 - You may need to rescan your tv (click "read more" to watch video on how to rescan your tv). We are so close now as Eric has been able to get a test signal to broadcast! There are still some problems that need to be solved before TBN will be back up, but this is the closest we have been so far. Please continue to pray with us for problems to be solved and provision!

Romans 8:28...And we know that all things work together for good...

Power meter

...to them that love God, and to them who are the called according to HIS purpose.

Are you disappointed, maybe frustrated, that you do not have your TBN back yet? Here at RLB, we are experiencing some of the same feelings. Be encouraged, though, that God will work all things for His good and His glory, and we need to trust in His provision!

So Close...

Despite a couple of inconvenient set backs this last month, the engineers have finally fully installed our new antennae on Badger Mt. and have been installing the new transmitter located at the foot of the tower. This has been a long tedious process but it almost complete!

Getting There!!!

Yay!!! RLB's antennae is installed! Now the engineers are taking apart the old transmitter at the base of the tower to get ready to install the new transmitter!!! Please continue to pray with us as it won't be long now!!!

Fundraiser Results

As many of you know, we held a fundraising banquet on Saturday, May 19th. The goal was to continue to raise funds so that we could get our Walla Walla channel back on the air. We had about 50 people attend to hear Eric share the heart of Radiant Light Broadcasting “to reach the widows in their distress”. God blessed these efforts as of to-date, the banquet brought in over $10,000 in one-time gifts and monthly pledges. We are nearly two-thirds to our total goal!

God Provides!

Just mailed the March newsletter on Monday! If you are on our mailing list, it will be arriving soon! If you would like to receive our newsletter via the old fashioned way, please message us your mailing address :-) If not, here it is slightly altered for FB: