“break the chains of injustice...start by giving yourself to the down-and-out”

Using Technology to Address Homelessness in the Tri-Cities

Wi-Fi for the Homeless


In the modern, Internet-driven world, the lack of computer access can significantly hinder the lives of chronically homeless men and women. Without the ability to use a computer, it becomes challenging to apply for jobs, communicate with potential employers, check on unemployment or Social Security disability benefits, file housing applications, access medical records, stay in touch with family and friends, or develop the computer skills necessary for today's job market.

Radiant Light Broadcasting (RLB), a faith-based non-profit located in the Tri-Cities, is taking a stand against homelessness through the power of faith and technology. Our initiative aims to equip those experiencing homelessness with digital tools and skills, crucial for overcoming their homelessness.

Setting Up Homeless Computer Lab

The Computer Labs Project: Enhancing Digital Access

Objective: RLB's goal is to set up computer labs within local homeless shelters, providing a foundation for digital education and connectivity. These labs are designed to be pivotal resources for individuals and families, enabling them to bridge the digital divide and open doors to new opportunities.

Support Opportunities:

  • Donations: Financial donations and computer equipment are essential to establish and maintain these computer labs with the latest technology.
  • Volunteer Engagement: We encourage community members to volunteer, offering their expertise in technology setup, maintenance, and user training, thereby directly contributing to the project's success.
Digital Navigators

The Digital Navigator Program: Promoting Digital Literacy

Overview: Central to our initiative, the Digital Navigator program focuses on offering tailored support to help users overcome digital challenges. This program is vital for ensuring that all individuals have fair access to digital resources and can develop the skills needed for digital autonomy.

Volunteer Participation:

  • Eligibility: This program welcomes volunteers from diverse backgrounds, emphasizing the value of commitment and the desire to assist others over specific technical skills.
  • Training: Comprehensive training is provided by RLB to prepare volunteers to become effective Digital Navigators, equipped to offer guidance and support.
  • Role: Volunteers will act as Digital Navigators, offering one-on-one assistance and empowering users to navigate and utilize digital platforms confidently.


A Local Approach to a Widespread Issue: This initiative is a targeted response to the challenges of homelessness in the Tri-Cities, utilizing technology as a means of empowerment and self-sufficiency. By drawing on local resources and the spirit of volunteerism, RLB is committed to developing a sustainable model for digital inclusion that addresses the immediate and long-term needs of those affected by homelessness.

Call to Action:

Join Radiant Light Broadcasting in this critical mission. Your involvement, through donations or volunteering, will significantly impact our community's efforts to combat homelessness.


RLB's initiative, inspired by the biblical call in Isaiah 58, demonstrates the impactful combination of faith and action in addressing social challenges. By providing technology access and support, we are not just addressing the symptoms of homelessness but are working towards lasting solutions. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the Tri-Cities.