We Are Moving - You Can Help Us With The Move

Many of you have asked to explain what is going on in more detail. So here is my attempt to simplify a complicated topic.


The Problem


Recently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC - this is the commission which controls and licenses television and other forms of communication like wireless cell phone technology) held an auction to help improve and expand wireless services across the country to meet the ever-increasing needs of American consumers for faster, higher capacity mobile broadband services. Now that the auction is complete, Radiant Light Broadcasting--KRLB (Tri-Cities) and KWWO (Walla Walla)--your local TBN affiliate, is being forced to find new channels--this is called the repack-- or go completely off the air.


There are two other television stations, KVEW and KTNW,  in the Tri-Cities that are also being repacked. Currently, KTNW, our local PBS affiliate, broadcasts on channel 31 and is moving to channel 22. KVEW, our local ABC affiliate, broadcasts on channel 42 and is moving to channel 27. Lastly, Radiant Light Broadcasting, our local TBN affiliate, broadcasts on channel 49 in the Tri-Cities, and channel 47 in Walla Walla, is moving to channel 29 in the Tri-Cities and channel 32 in Walla Walla. Channels 49, 47, 42, and 31 once vacated will no longer be utilized for television broadcasting. T-Mobile has purchased these frequencies from the FCC and will utilize them for mobile broadband services. This is demonstrated graphically in the following two before and after figures:

You may or may not know that as a local TBN affiliate we also broadcast on cable channel 7 in the Tri-Cities and channel 91 in Walla Walla. Charter/Spectrum is required by law to carry us as long as we provide a local, free, over the air broadcast of TBN. If we go off the air Charter/Spectrum is no longer required by law to carry TBN and could remove TBN from their cable network. If we successfully and timely move to our new channels they will have to continue to offer TBN within their cable network. You can read more about these FCC requirements on the FCC’s website at https://goo.gl/oapMyT
The Cost


The cost to move to a new channel is significant. Television stations like Radiant Light Broadcasting have no reimbursement rights within this mandated FCC repack:



Estimated Cost

% Reimbursed by the FCC










For over 30 years Radiant Light Broadcasting has been a TBN affiliate providing Christian television for free. This happened because a handful of Christians have been faithfully giving financially every month for over thirty years to keep TBN on the air within our community. Last year forty-seven (47) people gave on average $38 per month to keep TBN on the air locally:


In the coming year viewers will have to contribute an additional $150,000 over our annual operating expenses to keep TBN on the air locally. Our goal is to recruit 300 additional viewers who will give on average of $40 per month over the next year. With this type of commitment we should be able to obtain a low or no interest loan of $150,000 to pay for our repack expenses without going off the air:


Monthly Donors Needed

Monthly Amount Given

Monthly Total













300 Donors


x 12 Months =

$150,000 / 1 Year


To make this plan a reality, we must have our loyal viewers standing with us. I know we have you to thank for many of our past successes, and I hope I can count on you once again. Please take a few moments to review our giving plan above, and pray asking God what He would have you to do.


Why Give?


My wife and I asked God separately what amount we need to commit monthly to this plan. When we came together to share the amount, it was exactly the same - $100 per month. The reason we decided to do this is due to the high volume of telephone calls that we received with people desperate not to lose their Christian TV and TBN. Many of these individuals were elderly and/or shut-ins on limited income who cannot afford to give. Many of them are praying that God will save their Christian TV! Also, we have a children’s channel that plays positive and educational programming designed to reach the next generation. We know of nothing else like this locally and would not want to see it taken off the air!


Thank you for joining us in helping to save local Christian TV!