Please don’t let the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and wireless phone companies regulate the viewing of your favorite Christian television programs.


The FCC recently held an auction to help improve and expand wireless services across the country to meet the ever-increasing needs of American consumers for faster, higher capacity mobile broadband services. In the auction, TV broadcasters like Radiant Light Broadcasting (RLB) were forced to give up their current broadcast channel without compensation so that commercial wireless service providers like T-Mobile could provide expanded mobile broadband services.

Now that the auction is complete, RLB is being forced to find new channels to broadcast from or go completely off the air. The FCC estimated that this would cost RLB $300,000 to replace the broadcasting equipment for a new channel in the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla. The financial burden of this FCC mandate is causing hundreds of local Christian TV stations like RLB to go completely off the air.

What does this mean for you? You will no longer be able to view many of your favorite Christian television programs and your Christian voice will be silenced even further within your community.

Are you concerned about this mandate from the FCC? If yes, then you need to take action. We are petitioning God, the FCC and T-Mobile for just compensation to cover the cost associated with the FCC mandate to change channels:

* Petition God in Prayer for Favor with the FCC and T-Mobile

* Click Here to Sign our Petition to the FCC and T-Mobile

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For over 30 years Radiant Light Broadcasting has been the Columbia Basin's most trusted Christian television station dedicated to providing responsible, relevant, and entertaining viewing choices for today's Christian family. With God and your help we can continue to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ for years to come.

PS: For additional details visit the following FCC website: