About Radiant Light Broadcasting

Radiant Light Broadcasting (RLB) is the Columbia Basin's most trusted Christian television station dedicated to providing responsible, relevant, and entertaining viewing choices for today's Christian family.

Our "made for families" programming mix ensures appropriate television viewing for all ages. Whether it's our must-see originals, laugh-out-loud comedies, children's favorites, reality shows, or sports and lifestyle series, RLB is the best destination to watch programming for and about families.

Radiant Light Broadcasting (RLB) is local.  It is locally owned and operated.  Descisions about programming and services are made by people who live within this community. 

Historically there was a large percentage of programming played on television that was considered as local programming.  This is no longer true and today the only local programs on most television stations is their station's newscast.

That's not inherently bad, but it is also not local.  Station policies and program decisions are typically made somewhere else, and the ability of any one individual to make his or her voice heard on viewing issues is almost non-existent.

RLB remains local.  We set our own policies, make our own program decisions, and answer questions when our viewers call or write.  Most of our financial support comes from the local community, so we succeed or fail based on how responsive we are to your local needs.

Our license to broadcast--along with that of other stations--requires us to operate "in the public interest, convenience, and necessity."  We value that obligation, and we work hard every day to adhere to it.

RLB is dedicated to enriching the lives of our community through the broadcasting of local programming created by people within our community.