Our Channels

Radiant Light Broadcasting is a Trinity Broadcasting Affiliate
TBN produces a variety of original Christian programs, such as gospel music concerts, live coverage of major Christian events, talk shows, health/fitness/nutrition programs with Christian family doctors, children's shows, contemporary Christian music videos, marriage enrichment series, holiday specials, Christian dramas, and full length, family-friendly movies. In February 2008, TBN was awarded the Parents Television Council Entertainment Seal of Approval for its entire network.

Radiant Light Broadcasting has created The Entertainer Channel
The Entertainer channel plays family friendly classic movies (Westerns, Comedies, Musicals, and more) that will take you down memory lane as well as live and recorded local events.
Radiant Light Broadcasting is an Enlace Affiliate
Enlace is an all hispanic channel that consists of inspirational and faith programs in different genres such as: church services, music videos, concerts, talk shows and children’s programs, movies. Concerts and music videos are key components of this line-up of programs featuring singers such as Jesus Adrian Romero, Funky, Julisa, and Daniel Calveti.

Radiant Light Broadcasting is an affiliate of The Church ChannelWatch the newest and hottest youth television network - JUCE TV features music videos from POD to T-Bone and many styles in between. Exclusive concerts, extreme sports and some of the best faith based programs on TV can also be found on JUCE TV. Check out JUCE TV right here right now! Find Christian music here!
Classic children’s programming filled with timeless truths and positive values. That’s the winning philosophy behind Smile of a Child, TBN’s 24-hour network especially for children ages 2-12. Since its launch in 2005, Smile of a Child has become the premier faith-and-values network parents trust for their children. Our innovative approach to television focuses on programming that not only educates and entertains, but that also morally instructs children. At Smile of a Child TV, we are committed to providing uplifting programs that will bear fruit in the lives of children for years to come. In fact, the Parents Television Council has presented Smile of a Child TV with its coveted Entertainment Seal of Approval for our commitment to programming that reinforces wholesome, positive family values. With constantly expanding programming—including music, action sports, seasonal specials, and kid-friendly movies.
The Church Channel is the only network broadcasting the very best in church services and ministry programs from across the nation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rapid advances in technology have ushered in staggering changes in culture and lifestyles, and nowhere is this more evident than in how Americans view church and worship, with many choosing avenues other than traditional church settings to meet their spiritual needs.According to Christian researcher George Barna, one-third of all Americans do not attend church on a regular basis, and the number of "unchurched" adults is growing by nearly a million people annually. Where are these individuals and families finding spiritual fulfillment? Barna says that many are turning to Christian media as the primary source of spiritual input in their lives. In 2002 Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the world's largest religious broadcaster, launched the Church Channel to connect this massive segment of viewers with churches and ministries that produce top-notch televised services and programs. There are over 330,000 churches in America, and the Church Channel is the only network bringing the very best of them right into the homes of viewers across the nation. Among the most popular speakers featured on the Church Channel are: Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Robert Schuller, and T.D. Jakes. The Church Channel is the only religious network featuring such a wide variety of church services and ministry programs on a 24-hour basis. We select the very best of what is being produced in church programming today, featuring prominent church leaders and speakers more often and at more convenient times throughout the week. The Church Channel is moving America's faith community into the digital age.